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Storm Dragon by Dianne Hofmeyr & illustrated by Carol Thompson

Storm! Storm!

Rain raps the windows, wind rattles the door.

‘Let’s look for storm dragons,” says Grandpa.

Watch  out dragons. We’re coming.”

Off they go, Grandpa and grandchild, down to the beach for a wild and wonderful adventure…And what do they find? Dragon footprints, dragon jewels and even a dragon baby, but who is the REAL storm dragon.

A great story and amazingly engaging illustrations as Grandpa and grandchild find their way along the beach as the storm blows, and waves crash on the shore. There are chants and repetitions to shout out as the adventure progresses.

The loving friendship and imaginative play between the generations is wonderfully expressed, both with the words and in the illustrations.

Dianne Hofmeyr, an award-winning author, livening in London, was born in South Africa and grew up between the mountains and the sea. Author of many books for young children including Zeraffa Giraffa, Tiger Walk and The Glassmaker’s Daughter.

Carol Thompson is an internationally acclaimed illustrator of books for young children with a huge skill in seeing the world through their eyes. She has received honours for many of her books  and is a member of IBBY UK.

Otter-Barry are the publishers who have an enormous skill in publishing beautiful children’s books which children love and enjoy for years. Storm Dragon was published in March 2021. Time to reserve a first copy edition!

We love this book and will take home this weekend to share online with a very young person, who just loves books at the age of nearly 2!

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Stories around the world…

Everybody Feels… New series from QED Publishing

Everybody feels angryAre you sad, angry, happy or scared? This new series from QED Publishing features emotions, how and why children sometimes feel they way they do.

Coping with feelings is a challenge for young children at times and finding ways that will help to express emotions, talk about what is happening and the different things that can make children upset or wildly happy.

Every title features two stories, each told from a child’s point of view and in a common scene or something familiar to the child.

At the end of the story there are story words’ which explain words simply and gently.

The series is written with care and love by Moira Butterfield and illustrated by Holly Sterling. They both have brilliant websites full of information.

We recommend these books for Early Years settings and also for sharing at home. Everybody feels sad

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Ralf by Jean Jullien


Buy this book from Amazon here…

Ralph is forever getting under his family’s feet, But when a fire threatens to burn the house down, Ralf stretches himself to the limit to save his family.

This is an intriguing book with a style of illustrations that turns over the page for you. When Ralf cannot wake his family you instantly feel the life of a dog when everyone is asleep and they are forever alert.

Ralf is published by Frances Lincoln and was released in February 2016, the hardback edition is well worth the money and has a lovely tactile sense to your fingers.

Jean Jullien is a graphic designer from France who is known for his symbols of peace in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. He now lives in London and is working on an eclectic body of work in illustration.

Now working on children’s books, his first book Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise is a huge success

We recommend this book for ages 2yr to share and for 4/5 years for beginning to read alone and for adults everywhere!

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The Snowman and the Sun

Snowman and the sunThe Snowman and the Sun is written by Susan Taghdis and illustrated by Ali Mafakheri.

It is a delightful story about a snowman and his journey. You may think that a snowman stays firmly put on the ground. But in fact in this story the sun warms him and first of all he melts and then he evaporates and climbs high into the sky.

He turns into a cloud drifting free in the sky until it gets cold again and he falls as snow on the ground. Along come the children and once again he becomes a snowman.

A story about change and an explanation about how water is everywhere, the water cycle explained for young children.

The book is translated by Azita Rassi and published by the brilliant new publishers Tiny Owl, publishers to watch out for.

We recommend this book for 3- 7 years, either reading together or late on their own.

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Busy People Series

FirefighterIt’s a busy day for Frank the Firefighter. There’s a fire at the school, the guinea pig is still inside!

This is a great series of books from publishers QED. From firefighters, teachers, vets and doctors, the words and the pictures are very clear, easy to follow and have a good story line too.

The text is well laid out and with enough space between the words and on the page for early readers to be able to follow themselves.

They are a great reassurance too for children when they have to meet ‘busy people’ and will take away some of the worries that can happen.

They are a great resource in nurseries and schools.

QED publishing has an amazing range of titles for schools, libraries and for reading at home. They sell their titles across the world and produce books that are good quality and great fun .Image 2

We recommend the Busy People from QED series for 2- 5 years.

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