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Grace at Christmas



Don’t tell me, we really should be thinking about books for Christmas.

Grace at Christmas by Mary Hoffman, is a good way to start. Published by Frances Lincoln it’s a story of Grace and her plans before Christmas, including the cat playing the part of all the animals in the Nativity.



So the introduction of Savannah and her aunt who couldn’t make the trip back to Jamaica in time had a few problems that made Grace think.

But she shared her home, her bedroom and even all her plans too.

A beautiful book with wonderful illustrations by Cornelius van Wright.

Sue Martin

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Stories at Bedtime

Once upon a time….. there were children who went back to school in their pyjamas just as it was getting dark, for bedtime stories…

Aug 09 018

We are working with a children’s centre in the London Borough of Wandsworth. As part of the work in engaging with literacy and families Stories at Bedtime was born!

The thought of cosy stories, hot chocolate and with the Big Bookmark guiding the way the first event was a huge success. Over 30 children brought their parents and snuggled down for the stories, then went into other parts of the nursery for more stories before bedtime.

James, aged 2 just had to give in to and was fast asleep in his pushchair before the stories finished. But I’m hoping he will come to the next event in the spring.

Try our Big Bookmarks from Dolphin Bookbox to develop and promote your ideas, you may not send everyone to sleep but it will make an impact.

m granardStoriesFront


Sue Martin
Dolphin Booksellers – bringing the best in children’s books always on line

Dolphin Bookshelf

basketBooks for Children’s Centres and Communities

A new project!!!

We wanted a place for books to be part of the Centre, there for children and families.

Space to sit and read together.

Time to look and to buy a book, or simply to have a chance to read in comfort when the children are happy too.

DolphinBookshelf also supports the Centre by giving a discount on all books sold.

Contributing to sustainability.

It links to a whole range of literacy ideas and projects too. It will help the Centre to keep literacy at the heart of its work, and bring a whole new world into the building.read supp

Brought to you by Dolphin Booksellers, part of SmithMartin Partnership LLP as an initiative to bring books into Children’s Centres and community buildings.

The pilot project has started. It is going well and centres are adapting the way of presenting books depending on the setting. Some have the basket right at the reception so parents can buy straight away. Others take the baskets and books as part of story time sessions.

Let us know if you are interested, they are great books in a basket made from English willow from a charity working with the homeless – so it’s a winner all round.

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Sue Martin – Dolphin Booksellers bringing the best in children’s books always on line.

The Book Store

beach hutAugust and at last a space in the diary for clearing the store of books. Well that is in the plan.

There are approximately 8,000+ books. What is it about books from the past, those children’s novels that just have to be re-read? From The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner and The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo to 100+ways to make paper aeroplanes.

booksWay back in the winter we completely changed a school library into a community library. It’s a fantastic space, with comfy chairs, computers, smart shelving units and books, of course.

Some of the sorted books will be going back into school, but the majority will be taken to places, mainly overseas, where books are in short supply. We are lucky that people we work with have many contacts with groups and can get the books direct to the children who need them.

So, I’ll just read one or two more, then get back to packing into boxes.

Dolphin BookBox will give you information about our Community Library service, plus other things that we can supply too!

Visit the home page of Dolphin Booksellers for latest information.

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