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Month: March 2009

Ifeoma Onyefulu

ifeomamainpicIfeoma Onyefulu is more than just a children’s writer. Her books show the colour and vibrance of Africa just as it is, a wealth of culture and life that produce riches all of their own.

The books are made using high quality photographs which Ifeoma has taken on her travels across the continent. She has a real flair for spotting the things that make life meaningful and for some beautiful images of people and children. If anyone can make you smile Ifeoma can.

She has recently won the Children’s Africana Book Award (in the USA) for her book called Ikenna Goes to Nigeria. (Amazon link).  In November, last year she went to the ceremony in Chicago to receive her award.

A isOther titles she has written are A is for Africa, which is a complete alphabet of places in Africa. (Amazon link). The Big Book version is a brilliant book to have. We have used it in our homes for children just to look at, they love the size!  It’s also great as a coffee table book.

Then there’s Chidi Only Likes Blue. My favourite! (Amazon link). Beautiful pictures and a lovely story, but I ‘ll let you read it to find out. Other titles include, One Big Family, (Amazon link), Ebele’s Favourite, (Amazon link), plus many more, published by Frances Lincoln.

We first met Ifeoma, when she came as a writer to our author and book event, LeytonStories. Ifeo At a Children’s Centre opening, where we were holding a City Story event.  Ifeoma was famously doing some games with the children on the floor. Ed Balls,  Secretary of State for Children and Families was opening the Centre and he joined in too, as well as the head teacher.

Ifeoma is always pleased to go to schools and meet with the children and can be contacted through her web site. You can buy her books direct from Ifeoma’s web site or from the Dolphin Booksellers Amazon links. Her books will give your ideas on Africa a whole new meaning! To view the Dolphin Booksellers home page click here.

What Mr Darwin Saw

T4037What Mr Darwin Saw, by Mick Manning and Brita Granstorm is a beautiful new book. (Amazon link) It has given us an insight into a man who gave a new understanding to evolution and was also a great family man. (Amazon link)

It is published by Frances Lincoln in association with the Natural History Museum, to mark the centenary of Charles Darwin was born in 1809.

He became one of the world’s greatest scientists. His theory of evolution radically changed the view of how people saw the world and themselves.

He married Emma Wedgwood in 1839 and they had ten children. Three of the children died but it was Francis, born in 1848,who became a plant physiologist and carried on much of Darwin’s work.

05-24 tinyTheir family home was in Downe, Kent and he planted a ‘thinking path’ called The Sandwalk, which he walked round and round every day, when he was at home. He meticulously noted the changes in the plant life on a daily basis.

He is most famous for his work on The Evolution of Species and his epic five year voyage on the HMS Beagle around the world . Both in the Galapagos islands and at every place in which they stayed, including South America, he collected vast amounts of data and specimens.
Darwin spent a huge amount of time on the details of his work. It’s easy to assume that his discovery was made simply, and using only the information found on the Galapagos Islands. But there is much more to Charles Darwin.

Did you know:
He wrote 25 books in total as well as numerous articles.
He spent a long time and wrote at length on ‘The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Actions of Worms. (Amazon link)
He wrote two monographs on Barnacles (Amazon link)
At school he was a slow learner and was taken out of school for being lazy and getting poor grades.
He was a great family man.

There’s lots of information available about Darwin and his work, like so many great people his dedication to his work and his mesmeric aptitude for detail has given an insight and understanding that has shaped our understanding of the world.

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