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Walking on Water & Lost and Found by Mary Hoffman and Jackie Morris


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Walking on Water

Mary Hoffman retells nine stories of the wonders Jesus worked, when he overturned the laws of nature and humanity. The atmospheric illustrations by Jackie Morris give enormous depth to the story with passion and involvement.

They include aspects of the days, such as the camels and donkeys patiently laden with goods, the people’s sense of awe and wonder at the miracles performed.

The books have been published in hard back by OtterBarry Books and will be an excellent reflection of the value on how to use exceptional authors and illustrators in the production of a Christian message.

On each page there is a title, a few questions to relate to our own lives and then the story as taken from the Bible. At the end of the book there is a page with full details of the references in the Gospels in the Bible giving full accounts of the stories.

The page, The Biggest Picnic in the World, is the story about the loaves and fishes that were fed to 5,000 people who had gathered to hear Jesus speak on the shores of Lake Galilee. No cafes or vans and stalls of food at that time, but there was one boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, and that did the trick!

Lost and Found is a book with the Parables that Jesus told, in the same style as Walking on Water.

Mary Hoffman and Jackie Morris have made a wonderful shared vision of the stories.  They are both highly successful authors and there is a huge amount of material in their websites.

Lost and Found cover image

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My favourite parable in the book is Lost and Found, the story of the Lost Sheep. Have you ever lost anything so precious that you will leave all behind to find the one thing you have lost?

Parables are stories that enable us to understand how truths can be seen in our lives.

These are wonderful books to have and we recommend them to children, parents and schools.

Sue Martin

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The Seal Children by Jackie Morris

The Seal Children - cover image

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The Seal Children by Jackie Morris has been republished in this captivating edition by Otter-Barry Books.

The water colours on every page are a joy in themselves and you can spend so much time just looking as they portray the story in picture.

The story is about a fisherman who falls in love with a Selkie – half woman, half seal – she gives him her seal skin as a sign of her love, and bears him two children, Ffion and Morlo, before returning to her own people. When a stranger comes to the village, telling of a land far away, the children remember their mother’s stories of the cities of gold and pearls beneath the waves….

This is a wonderful book from Jackie Morris. Presented in a beautiful new gift edition, this is a haunting story of love and freedom, for all ages.

‘A lyrical story with beautifully painted watercolours’  – Books for Keeps

A book for everyone to have, in the home to share, and to read alone, in schools for all sorts of projects in education and in the libraries. It is a book that definitely will not be staying long on the shelves but will be on the table, by the rug or in the fireside chair ready to be read time and time again.

Recommended for all ages and especially for me!!

Sue Martin Dolphin Booksellers and Books Go Walkabout

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Something About a Bear
by Jackie Morris

BearThis is just Amazing!!

A golden brown book full of beautiful images all about bears. This is the latest from Jackie Morris, written and illustrated this year, published on 2nd October by Frances Lincoln.

‘Let me tell you something about a bear…

Where the water churns with the salmon, there the Brown Bear stands and catches the wild king of the river.

Eight wild bears – Moon Bear, Sun Bear, Sloth Bear, Brown Bear,Spectacled Bear,American Black Bear, Giant Panda and Polar Bear, all in their own habitats and some info about each of them.

The last page is the best! Brown Bears paws, just waiting to be touched, if you dare!

Sue Martin

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Tell Me a Dragon

Image 2‘My dragon is made from the sun and the stars.

Sparkled with stardust,

all night he follows the silver moon path

across the sky….’

An excerpt about the first dragon in the book, ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris, published by Frances Lincoln.

At Books Go Walkabout we held an author event in March with Jackie at William Tyndale Primary School, London, as part of their Bookweek adventures.

Jackie had the classes spellbound and intrigued as she talked about the places in West Wales where she writes and gets inspiration. The children all live in the city and a far cry from the wildness of the Welsh coast.

Image 1From a painting Jackie completed at the school, the Year 5’s began to use water colours and explore making a wash of colour.




Lots of fun and lots of learning.

Sue Martin

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Sue, Jackie…after lunch!

Jackie Morris and Help Musicians UK in Covent Garden

cardJackie Morris was in Covent Garden on 12th September, well actually, in the beautiful Swiss Church in Endell St, Covent Garden, to show her new Christmas card design and to talk about her life in writing and illustrating.

The talk was on behalf of Help Musicians UK and proceeds from sales of Jackie’s designed card will go to support musicians of all ages and Jackie also donated prints of her work to be auctioned.

Jackie talked about how she includes all of her life into her art and writing, her walks at St David’s and into the fields and with views across the sea and hares racing across the fields.

Engaging, creative and just beautiful,and sitting in the midst of the London hubbub, it is easy to drift away into that delight of the Pembrokeshire countryside and wish you were there.

JM hareHer latest book,The Song of the Golden Hare, published by Frances Lincoln is out in print in October. It’s a must!

Follow Jackie’s work through her blog and on facebook. You can buy the cards too from Help the Musicians and you can buy her books, details on her website.

We are pleased to work with Jackie on getting her stories and books to the children, who don’t have much chance to see them.

Contact us to find out more about events and book do’s!


Sue Martin

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East of the Sun and West of the Moon

567A most beautiful story,from Jackie Morris with her wonderful illustrations of a polar bear, forests, skies and seas. A story, which Jackie describes as…

” …there are some stories that when you hear them for the very first time it is as if you know them, as they are part of your soul. You then spend the rest of your life trying to understand them…. It is a journey, an adventure, a love story that in the writing took an unexpected turn.”


It is a magical story and a book to treasure and return to. It will make you go back to it and try and relive the story or find yourself as the girl seeking through all the winds to find her lost love in the castle east of the sun and west of the moon.

Published by Frances Lincoln the book is available via this Amazon link. The format of the book is wonderful with a neat hardcover. It’s a book for a present and especially for yourself too, a treat and a joy.

Jackie lives in a small house by the sea in Pembrokeshire where she writes and paints. She has a range of wonderful books, such as The Snow Leopard and Can You See a Little Bear?  Jackie’s website is a dream and is worth hours of exploring.

There is a competition to win the necklace from East of the Sun, West of the Moon on Jackie’s blog.


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Jackie Morris Watercolour – auction for Tiger Conservation

ttJackie Morris, children’s book illustrator and author has some wonderful illustrations of tigers. These fill many of her books with colour and splendour, and capture that engaging image of the tiger in the wild. Yet, within the picture lies a sense of majesty,strength and compassion.

The original watercolour from the book, Lord of the Forest, illustrated by Jackie and written by Caroline Pitcher is being donated by Jackie and auctioned on eBay in aid of the 21st Century Tiger.

From the 21st March for 10 days you can bid in the auction for the painting.

21st Century Tiger is a unique fund raising partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol.They raise money to support conservation products throughout Asia.

Jackie says.” Even though in my lifetime I may never see a tiger in the wild, my world is a richer place for knowing that these wonderful creatures are there…. It is my hope that when I have grandchildren tigers will still walk through their dreams and through the forests of the world as living creatures and not something from history, creatures of myth.”

Information can be found at 21st Century Tiger



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Jackie Morris – Artist, illustrator and author of amazing children’s books

Imagine 30 children in a village school on an October afternoon, enthralled, listening and just wanting to hear the end of the tale.

For a whole hour the children in years 4, 5 and 6 at Babraham Cof E Primary School near Cambridge, sat and listened to Jackie and watched these wonderful pictures developing into a whole world of dragons, cake eating dragons, dragons made from the sun and the stars and tiny dragons with whisper thin wings.

“In their own drawings, their imaginations were sparked with fire as the dragon came to life, tails made of flowers, to dragons with spikes and claws whose tails curled round and round in spiraling circles”.

By the end of the afternoon, neither the children or the teachers were in any hurry to leave, eagerly looking at the books of Jackie’s we had brought.

Tell Me a Dragon(published by Frances Lincoln ) was in print from last year, the images and the story are just beautiful. The latest book from  Jackie Morris is The Ice Bear, look no further for an inspiring book as a present.

We are really looking forward to working with Jackie again. Enabling her to share with children in schools, so they can be inspired first hand is worth so much, apart from being a magical moment which both the children and staff will remember.

Dolphin Booksellers , part of SmithMartin Partnership LLP broadening horizons and widening imaginations. Sue Martin

The Ice Bear

Ice bJackie Morris’s latest book The Ice Bear is newly in print this month with Frances Lincoln.

When the great bear wakes in her ice den to find that one of her two cubs has been taken, she holds the second close, but she never forgets her lost child.’

Set in the pristine polar regions of the Arctic, this is a beautiful story with illustrations that are just amazingly powerful.
It brings emotions to the surface, and is a reminder of our responsibility to the world’s animals and wildlife. Polar bears, for instance, can show us the best ways to use natural resources, even in the wildest of places like the Arctic.

hareJackie also has exhibitions across the country. Imagine Gallery at Long Melford in Suffolk is currently holding an exhibition of illustrations including cheetahs and the contemplative White Hare.

In October Dolphin Booksellers are hosting and sponsoring an event in Cambridge with Jackie at Babraham C.of E. Primary School. Young children learning, creating and using illustrations and books to fire imaginations.

You can see Jackie’s books and illustrations, plus cards to buy on her website. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Sue Martin
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The Snow Leopard by Jackie Morris

snThe Snow Leopard by Jackie Morris

Whilst listening to the radio, I heard that snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the snow and bitterly cold weather we are having in the UK. It made me stop and think, then refind my copy of The Snow Leopard by Jackie Morris, published by Frances Lincoln.

The beauty and spirituality of these animals is captured wonderfully. The story is truly magical.

From the beginning of time the Snow Leopard has sung the stars to life, the sun to rise and the moon to wax and wane. She weaves a song to keep her hidden valley safe from the world of men and as she sings, a child down in the valley beneath, dreams her song.”

slThe illustrations are amazingly evocative with the dreaming and sleeping child snuggled close to the leopard. The shades of cobalt blue matched boldly against the white and grey fur.

If you are looking for a book to use for creativity and imagination, go for this one over the winter spell. The writing and illustrations will give endless scope.

And just open the pages, read, gaze and dream…………

For a more scientific approach, facts about the snow leopard can be found on the BBC nature web site with further links. There are some great videos of snow leopards, these solitary cats need about 2000 acres of snow covered lands in which to roam.

Or visit Jackie’s website and find out more about her work, she has a large range of prints for sale too.
Buy The Snow Leopard, by Jackie Morris before you leave?

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