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Month: April 2014

Red Squirrel Picture Books

Image 3Great authors and illustrators have come together for a new picture book list with an added bonus – parents with dyslexia can read them too!

The picture books are designed to enable the print to be clear and well laid out.

Many picture books are now designed with print running through the illustrations and in changing fonts. These are especially hard for anyone with dyslexia to read.


Two great titles out now;

All I SaidImage 1 Was by Michael Morpurgo and Ross Collins. A story about a boy who dreams of flying and then swaps places with a bird. A real imaginative journey and who comes off the best?

Itch Scritch Scratch by Eleanor Updale and Sarah Horne. A wonderful rhyming story with great comedy and just needs to be read aloud!

Red Squirrel books are part of Barrington Stoke, books for readers of all ages who want to have access to the best stories.Image 2




Sue Dolphin rtMartin

Dolphin Booksellers – the best in children’s books always on line


Monstrous Morals

Image 1These are a great series for dealing head on with all those embarrassing things that children do (ok, adults too)!

The books which are available now at Amazon and in bookshops are Black Toothed Ruth Black and Fartin’ Martin Sidebottom and with titles like that nothing can go wrong!

They are excellently written by Peter Barron and illustrated in a light and attractive way by David Wright.

When Martin is set to appear before the Queen at a performance, only one thing was bound to happen.
Ruth had so many holes in her teeth that even the dentist was in great peril.

Good books to have in the classrooms and at home. Monstrous Morals have a great series here. You can buy through clicking the picture above..

Dolphin Booksellers

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