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Month: July 2009

Antarctic Dreams

AntHave you ever wished you could sail away on a boat to the land of ice and snow?

Antarctic Dreams is just where Jackie Morris, the illustrator, is hoping to go. But she needs our votes for her to get on a voyage to Antarctica in February 2010.

Vote for her at Quark Expeditions, we have at Dolphin Booksellers. It’s a great thing to do for Jackie. She is so talented and the pictures and images will be just amazing.

starOn her blog Starlight Starbright, the title of a new book to be published by Barefoot Books in autumn 2009, you can see her wish. But here is a small extract.

‘So now I wish…..and look up at a sky where the dark is pinned in place and held up by different patterns of starlight.’

Wishes and hopes and dreams – they can come true.

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Poetry Award 2009 CLPE- winner


John Agard, with The Young Inferno, illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura is the winner of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education poetry award for 2009.

CLPE has a brilliant poster information sheet,which you can find on CLPE and Dolphin Booksellers.

yiThe Young Inferno is an amazing retelling of this classic by Dante. Full of action and loads of mental images, pacy and more than just engaging. The Furies are there and you will come face to face with them!

Satoshi Kitamura has captured all the action and more besides in his compelling and powerful illustrations. The teenage hoodie, as narrator of the tales into the nine circles of hell must be a hit with its audience of young people. Where else would you find Frankenstein as a bouncer…….

Frances Lincoln, the publishers, have shown yet again their skill at commissioning two of the best, in writing and illustrating,  and bringing them together in a daring retelling of this story.

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