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Month: June 2016

The Seal Children by Jackie Morris

The Seal Children - cover image

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The Seal Children by Jackie Morris has been republished in this captivating edition by Otter-Barry Books.

The water colours on every page are a joy in themselves and you can spend so much time just looking as they portray the story in picture.

The story is about a fisherman who falls in love with a Selkie – half woman, half seal – she gives him her seal skin as a sign of her love, and bears him two children, Ffion and Morlo, before returning to her own people. When a stranger comes to the village, telling of a land far away, the children remember their mother’s stories of the cities of gold and pearls beneath the waves….

This is a wonderful book from Jackie Morris. Presented in a beautiful new gift edition, this is a haunting story of love and freedom, for all ages.

‘A lyrical story with beautifully painted watercolours’  – Books for Keeps

A book for everyone to have, in the home to share, and to read alone, in schools for all sorts of projects in education and in the libraries. It is a book that definitely will not be staying long on the shelves but will be on the table, by the rug or in the fireside chair ready to be read time and time again.

Recommended for all ages and especially for me!!

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The Princess and the Castle by Caroline Binch

The Princess and the CastleAll Genevieve wanted was for her Dad, who she imagined to be a king in a castle, to be waiting for her as the princess. So, she wouldn’t go to the beach with friends, ” Princesses don’t like beaches” she would say.

In fact she was afraid to go near the water, as her father was lost at sea.

This is a beautiful book, the illustrations are breath-taking and the story of restoration to friendship for a small child is perfect.

The Princess and the Castle is written and illustrated by Caroline Binch and is republished as a launch title for Otter-Barry Books. Caroline is the illustrator of Amazing Grace and won the Smarties Prize for illustrating Hue Boy.

Otter-Barry Books is an exciting new children’s imprint aiming to make a difference,push boundaries and publish books that children will love.

The Princess and the Castle is one of my favourite books and is definitely for reading alone or together at home or in school or the library.

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Books and authors around the world

Immi by Karin Littlewood


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A classic picture book, Immi, about friendship across cultures, reissued by popular demand and an Otter-Barry launch title for Spring 2016.

It is written and illustrated by Karin Littlewood in a beautiful style of painting, which create a real atmosphere on the pages. Karin has illustrated over 40 childrens books and her work has been nominated three times for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

Immi lives in a land of ice and snow and one day when she is fishing she finds a wooden bird at the end of her fishing line. Every day after that, she discovers something new, until her igloo is the brightest in the land.

But where are these mysterious gifts coming from and who is sending them? One day she drops her small white bear pendant into the hole in the ice. Where does it go? It finds a home in a distant land.

‘This is a book that will be with you forever, we recommend it for all ages of children and adults’.

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Books and authors around the world…together

Kalpana in Nepal

Kalpana in NepalWe have been supporting Kalpana and her family in Nepal for five years now. She is the oldest girl in her family and they live in the countryside and mountains of Nepal.

We were delighted to receive these photos of her with her brothers and sisters, looking so happy and a real family.

We send money to Kalpana’s uncle, Bhim Bahadur Sunawar to help give Kalpana an education. Although recently, the money has been needed just to help with their housing and shelter after the earthquakes.

I journeyed to Nepal in 2010 on the Everest Base Camp Trek. I suffered badly from altitude sickness, two days from the base camp at 14,000ft, and Bhim was the guide who walked me down the mountains on our own over four days.

The link on the photo will take you to the blog.

If we can help in some way to support Kalpana and her family we know this goes directly to making her life better.

We send money, books and clothes and hope one day to visit again with a Books Go Walkabout project.

Revd Sue Martin FaithGoesWalkabout.org

Kalpana in Nepal2

Kangaroo Kisses
by Nandana Dev Sen
from Otter-Barry Books

Kangaroo Kisses cover image:

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Kangaroo Kisses by Nandana Dev Sen and illustrated by Pippa Curnick is an opening title for Otter-Barry Books, an exciting new imprint, being launched on June 8th in London.

Kangaroo Kisses is beautifully produced in hard back by Otter-Barry Books. It is a a book of adventures for bedtime as the toys become real wild animals.

I’m learning to fly with the geese in the sky!’ and the illustrations are engaging and fun for young children. From hippos to bears and at the end to Kangaroo… who is god with the kisses to send you to sleep.

Great for young children, a debut children’s book for Nandana Dev Sen who is an award winning actor writer and child-rights activist. Visit her website to see her amazing work. I was inwardly most impressed by Princess Jasmine in Disneyland!

Pippa Curnick is a freelance designer and illustrator, and winner of the Seven Stories Illustration Competition, 2013.

Looking forward to being at the launch of Otter-Barry Books, a great start and future ahead.

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The Big Book of Mr Badger by Leigh Hobbs

Mr Badger

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Mr Badger is always on hand to cope with many surprises at the Boubles Grand Hotel.

My favourite story is Mr Badger and the Missing Ape. Algernon is usually kept stuffed in a glass case in the lobby. But Lady Celia’s granddaughter is not happy with this gorilla and wants it sent away. As she usually gets just whatever she wants the alarming disappearance one morning gives Mr Badger quite a task, but solve it, he does.

There are four stories in the one book, which is full of brilliant sketches and the characters really come to life.

Mr Badger is written by Leigh Hobbs, who has an amazing talent for writing and for illustrating too. He has a great website for a whole range of his books.

This year he has been appointed as the Australian Children’s Laureate and there are whole host of great activities for children all over the world as well as Australia.

Mr Badger is published by Allen and Unwin, Australia and can be purchased here in the UK.

A great book and we recommend for children 7+, especially for those who still get a lot from the images through each chapter.

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