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Month: December 2016

Adventivity House 25 projects and materials for Advent


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Adventivity House is an Advent Calendar and activity book rolled into one.

QED Publishing produced a very  successful Adventivity title in 2014 . Instead of just opening a window on the Advent Calendar this book has a really good activity for each day of the Advent season.

There are some beautiful ideas including a sleigh from a match box with an elf on top, a Christmas wreath, and many others finishing with a spectacular day 25  Christmas carousel with reindeers, snowmen and angels.

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Everything you need for making the activities is included in the book with push out designs, stencils and card, or you could use your own materials and ideas based on the activity, depends how creative you are feeling! Each door reveals a a surprise and it will make a beautiful calendar and chance to get ready for Christmas.

Advent is a season for getting ready and being prepared. In all the preparations for presents and for eating and sharing together it is wonderful to have something that is creative and will give time to reflect on preparation for the true meaning of Christmas.

Sue Martin

20 Games to Create with Scratch by Max Wainewright

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This book will show you how to create 20 brilliant games using Scratch, which is a free programming language and online resource for creating interactive stories, games and animations.

One of the best books we have seen on coding for children. The text and images are really clear and fun. It gives all the directions on cartoons, sound effects, creating a scoring system, how to move the sprites around the game, storing the info and lots, lots more.

The cat and mouse game means the cats are cloned so the mice really do have to watch out. You can make the cat creep as well as walk and develop repeat loop runs! Absolutely amazing! And totally fascinating.

So, before you buy this book and give straight to a young person, have a go at a game, suggest starting at the first one. I’m working on it now!!

Max Wainewright has written more than 20 educational software titles for children. His programs and websites have won a number of awards including BETT, ERA, and Practical Pre-School Gold Awards. Max also used to be a primary school teacher. He lives in London with his wife and two children.
QED, the publishers have a great list of titles and are very well known for their knowledge of children’s interests and in working with excellent authors. 20 Games to Create with Scratch is a brilliant book.
Sue Martin
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