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Month: March 2016

The Jungle Book – a reimagining of Mowgli’s story by Robert Hunter – New Release!

Jungle Book cover image

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An evocative tale of Mowgli and his story in the jungle, with Bagheeera, Baloo and the wolf pack. Mowgli has to face life with others who are not so keen to help, Kaa,the snake, the pack of monkeys and Shere Khan, the tiger.

The first in a series of classic texts reimagined into the modern day, published by Frances Lincoln  (Quarto Group), as Classics Here and Now. These will be a wonderful way of bringing the classic stories to children of today and maybe encouraging them to read the original versions.

The publication coincides with the release of a new feature length film of Jungle Book from Disney and it also commemorates the 80th anniversary of the death of Rudyard Kipling.

Robert Hunter is a London based illustrator and this is his first children’s book, but he is well known with work for V&A, The New York Times and other places.

The images in the book are beautiful and bring a sense of a forever sunset in the jungle, using blue, purple and pinks. The presentation of the book is one for everyone and in hardback makes a really special present and book for keeps.

The parting words of Baloo are the call of any parent.

” Remember!” called Baloo. ” If you ever get in trouble, use the Jungle Call!” And he made the sound, which carried through the night, mournful and long.


But Mowgli had already gone.’

We recommend for ages from 6 years for sharing and for 7 onwards to adults and beyond for reading.

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The Truth about Peacock Blue by Rosanne Hawke

The Truth About Peacock Blue cover image...

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An immensely powerful story of truth about todays hard world in the life of Peacock Blue, written by Rosanne Hawke and published by Allen and Unwin.

This is a powerful story about one girl’s fight for justice in Pakistan. Quietly getting on with life, Aster faces huge changes when her brother dies. Instead of finding a suitable husband, her parents decide that she will be educated, which to a western mind is a good idea.

But she attends a school for Muslim girls and is in the minority being a Christian. At her examinations a teacher who finds her difficult as a Christian accuses her of blaspheming. It was a simple spelling mistake with enormous consequences.

Aster is imprisoned, her family and the whole village have to move away and she faces the death sentence.

In Australia, there is an online petition which gathers amazing results, but will it really help?

I read to the end in absolute unbelief…. a must read book. Excellent blog by Paula Vince, worth reading.

We recommend for ages 10 and above and for adults too.

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Everybody Feels… New series from QED Publishing

Everybody feels angryAre you sad, angry, happy or scared? This new series from QED Publishing features emotions, how and why children sometimes feel they way they do.

Coping with feelings is a challenge for young children at times and finding ways that will help to express emotions, talk about what is happening and the different things that can make children upset or wildly happy.

Every title features two stories, each told from a child’s point of view and in a common scene or something familiar to the child.

At the end of the story there are story words’ which explain words simply and gently.

The series is written with care and love by Moira Butterfield and illustrated by Holly Sterling. They both have brilliant websites full of information.

We recommend these books for Early Years settings and also for sharing at home. Everybody feels sad

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Ralf by Jean Jullien


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Ralph is forever getting under his family’s feet, But when a fire threatens to burn the house down, Ralf stretches himself to the limit to save his family.

This is an intriguing book with a style of illustrations that turns over the page for you. When Ralf cannot wake his family you instantly feel the life of a dog when everyone is asleep and they are forever alert.

Ralf is published by Frances Lincoln and was released in February 2016, the hardback edition is well worth the money and has a lovely tactile sense to your fingers.

Jean Jullien is a graphic designer from France who is known for his symbols of peace in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. He now lives in London and is working on an eclectic body of work in illustration.

Now working on children’s books, his first book Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise is a huge success

We recommend this book for ages 2yr to share and for 4/5 years for beginning to read alone and for adults everywhere!

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DrawRe-imagine your world with Serge Bloch, the iconic illustrator who was awarded a gold medal by the Society of Illustrators in 2015.

3,2,1 DRAW! published in Feb 2016 is a completely different way of inspiring children to draw.

Each page has a similar image on the other side but without the cartoon or doodle drawings, so you can just complete your own and recreate some everyday objects. Great fun!

It’s perfect for taking away the fear of a blank sheet of paper and excellent for story telling, e.g who else could make a car out of a match box?

There’s more about Serge on his illustrations based website, fascinating style of drawings and design.

An inspirational book from Wide Eyed Editions.

We recommend for ages, well all ages and beyond!!

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Little People, Big Dreams

Coco Chanel cover image...

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This is a new series of books from Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, which tell people’s stories, and how they became famous. Starting off as children, finding a dream and following it through to a successful career.

The first book follows Coco Chanel, from her early life in an orphanage, where she is a genius with needle and thread, to her time as a cabaret singer, hat maker and international fashion designer.The book is written by Ms Isabel Sanchez Vegara and with beautifully stylised illustrations by Ana Albero.

The second book is about Frida Kahlo, she wanted to study medicine but had a bad childhood accident. But despite a terrible time her career culminated in a solo exhibition in America.

These are inspirational biographies perfect for encouraging children to follow their dreams. They are excellently published books in hardback and encourage you to open them from the start. I was in The British Library recently and noticed that many people just had to peep inside.

Frida Kahlo cover image...

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In each book there is a fact section and a timeline.

Future books will include Maya Angelou and Amelia Earhart, can’t wait for that one!

We love these books and recommend for children from 6 years to 9 years.

Sue Martin

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