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Month: August 2016

The Phillipa Pearce Lecture 2016

Minnow on the Say by Phillipa Pearce

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The 2016 Phillipa Pearce Lecture promises great things… Allan Ahlberg has titled his lecture John Wayne & Sibelius or The Train Has Rain In It.

The lecture will be held on Thursday 1st September at 5.00pm at Homerton College, Cambridge.

It is an annual event and hosted as a tribute to the wonderful work of Phillipa Pearce who grew up close to Cambridge in the 1930’s. Her most famous books include;  Tom’s Midnight Garden, Minnow on the Say and A Dog So Small.

Allan Ahlberg is the author of over a hundred books for children and winner of many awards, including two Greenaway prizes for Each Peach Pear Plum and The Jolly Postman.

He tells brilliantly funny stories and he has some fine collections of poetry.

We are looking forward very much to the lecture.

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Atlas of Animal Adventures from Wide Eyed Publishers

Atlas of Animal Adventures by Wide Eyed Publishers

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New Release for 1st September is the Atlas of Animal Adventures by Wide Eyed Editions part of  Quarto Publishing group.  Illustrated by Lucy Letherland, written by Rachel Williams and Emily Hawkins

From the creators of the bestselling Atlas of Adventures .

A terrific book! A collection of nature’s most unmissable events, epic migrations and extraordinary behaviours.

It’s a large hardback book which feels and looks wonderful. Each page is packed with information in a beautiful style of illustration. Alongside a main section of text there are smaller bite size sentences amongst the images, great style and a great way to explore and find out.

Each continent has several pages with different countries. It is easy and very clear how to find the countries and their continents. In Europe, for instance, there are Polar Bears in Greenland, Puffins in Iceland, Honey bees in the British Isles and, my favourite Barn Owls in France. The owls are gorgeous and we have owlets with nightcaps on in the tree and a protective parent owl overseeing the lavender field at dusk, a beautiful image.

Further afield we have Narwhals in Canada, Black Bears in the USA, Hummingbirds in Costa Rica, Hippos in Botswana and Birds of Paradise in Papua New Guinea.

We recommend the Atlas of Animal Adventures for everyone really and I am about to buy this book for presents for the family!! And for children… well, we go for ages, 6 and above and all ages too!!

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Dreamer, published by OtterBarry Books

Dreamer by Brian Moses and Bee Willey, buy from Amazon.co.uk

A beautifully written and illustrated picture book about a world where we all care for each other, for animals, plants and places. It will be inspirational for young children and for adults as they see just how the world is changing.

Each page has a scene which has amazing colours and images, including the child dreamer, lots to see, and lots of ways into discussions and questions.

 Brian Moses and Bee Willey are an excellent duo, they both have so much experience and good books to their names. Brian is one of Britain’s favourite children’s poets and he is featured on the National Poetry Archive with over 200 books published and 2000 schools visited.

Bee spent her childhood in France and now lives in Suffolk, her books include, The Wooden Dragon by Joan Aiken and How to be a Princess by Caitlin Matthews.

Otter-Barry Books are new publishers this year and have included Dreamer in their new titles, a great edition and a clear direction for their books, which will make a difference.

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Books across the World!


Adder, Bluebell, Lobster
Wild Poems by Chrissie Gittins

Adder, Bluebell,  Lobster - book cover image

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There is more to this Wild Book of Poems from Otter-Barry Books than meets the eye!

From Adder to Wren, forty fantastic poems celebrate forty amazing animals, birds and plants and their beautiful names – names which you can help poet Chrissie Gittins save from EXTINCTION!

They are all words which have been left out of the latest Oxford Junior Dictionary. Join authors such as Michael Morpurgo and Margaret Atwood, who along with 28 other authors, protested against Oxford Junior Dictionary’s replacement of natural words with 21st century terms.

The poems are brilliant, each page has a poem from Chrissie and illustration from Paul Bommer such as.  Harry the Hamster

‘Harry the hamster, in his ball

rolled round the bedroom,

rolled round the hall.

He rolled to the bathroom,

he rolled to the stairs

where a huge teddy bear

took him clean unawares’.

We recommend for ages 6+ and for all ages.

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Ifeoma Onyefulu -Exhibition of Photography,
Archway Library, London

A talk at Archway Library image

Ifeoma and her Archway audience…

Ifeoma is a writer, children’s author and photographer. Her books and photographs reflect life in Africa and are an amazing collection of images and stories.

Ifeoma’s exhibition was held at Archway Library in Islington, London. The photographs were from Ifeoma’s travels over the last few years in Africa including Senegal, Mali, Nigeria and Ghana.

There was a well attended post exhibition talk at Archway Library on Monday 1st August and Ifeoma talked about her work, her travels and her books.The next day there was a workshop and activities for children.

Visit ifeomaonyefulu.co.uk and you will find lots of information about her books and her travels, a really interesting blog and series of adventures into African countries.

Our team work with Ifeoma and are delighted that her exhibition was such a success.

Her most well known book, A is for Africa, is out in a new edition this year and published by Frances Lincoln and is a great book to have.

A is for AfricaSue Martin

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Dinosaurs and Dinner Ladies by John Dougherty

Dinosaurs and Dinner LadiesWhat’s the real reason the dinosaurs died out? Can anyone rescue Class 3 from the wild dinner ladies? And what will happen when Class 2M meet a lion?

A book of brilliantly funny poems from John Dougherty, a well known fiction author, there are riddles, puzzles and haiku. There are illustrations from Tom Morgan Jones which give a great feel to the poems and even the most reluctant of readers will be smiling!

Published by the new children’s imprint of Otter-Barry, who has a commitment to four poetry collections a year and this is a terrific start.

Read all the poems in this book and my thoughts are that if they all have a final verse as Dinosaurs and Dinner Ladies, it’s going to make for some real fun reading!

….’ The dinosaurs are all long dead
Extinct,departed,sadly missed,
But survival of the fittest means
That dinner-ladies
Still exist.’

A great read for all ages and especially for 7- 10 years.

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