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Leigh Hobbs and Mr Chicken Land in London with BGW

Leigh Hobbs at William Tynedale image

Leigh encourages a whole class to ‘get creative’…

Leigh  Hobbs came to the UK in October 2018, visiting schools in London and Norfolk, and students of the MA in Children’s Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.

Books Go Walkabout are really pleased to be working with Leigh to plan and arrange visits in the UK. He is a real  inspiration and his characters are incredible. 

Mr  ChickenOld  TomHorrible  Harriet – are full of adventure and fun in the midst of the city. Leigh related how the characters were formed, and showed the children just how to create their own characters in their drawings.

Leigh Hobbs in the studion - image and web link

Leigh in his studio. See and buy Leigh’s books here…

Books  Go  Walkabout  are now planning  ahead  for  Spring  2019.  Leigh loves  London,  the  people,  the  architecture,  the history  and  best  of  all  plotting  adventures for his characters during his visits.

As well as working in schools, Leigh  gave  the first ‘visiting lecture’  to over two hundred M.A. students of Children’s Illustration, in the Cambridge School of Art, at Anglia Ruskin University .  Leigh explained to his audience that all he  had  ever  wanted  to  be was  be an  artist  and to visit  England.

Leigh develops a character - live...image

Leigh develops a character – live…

At  William  Tyndale Primary School  in  Islington,  Leigh worked  with  classes  of  years 12,3 & 4. The  atmosphere  was  electric.  Mr  Chicken  was drawn by the children in many  varied ways, a different farmyard fowl springing from the mind of each child. They  learnt  all about  creating  characters through their drawings.

A great visit and Books Go Walkabout team are delighted to continue working with Leigh on UK visits in 2019.

Sue Martin

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Mr Chicken Lands on London by Leigh Hobbs

Mr Chicken Lands on London - cover image and web link

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Mr Chicken arrives in London via parachute, without wasting any time on immigration control he sets off to see as many of the famous sights as he possibly could.

He sails over the Houses of Parliament, and lands in the River Thames.

Although no-one seemed to notice and heads off to the Savoy Hotel, which is THE place to stay in London.

Mr Chicken visits Buckingham Palace and has tea with the Queen before heading off across Piccadilly Circus and the London Eye.  Amazingly, Mr Chicken blends in well with the local people and other tourists before heading back home ‘down under’.

A brilliant picture book about a loveable character making his way across the centre of London.  Explore the city of London with Mr Chicken and find all the most famous sights. Leigh Hobbs is excellent at portraying characters in different places and Mr Chicken Arrives in London is part of a series of books about travels into European cities.

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Leigh Hobbs is an award-winning writer and illustrator of a whole range of books, including the Mr Chicken series, Old Tom, Horrible Harriet and my favourite, Mr Badger.

He was Australian Children’s Laureate in 2016-17 travelling and visiting schools as an advocate for children’s books. He has an amazing collection of titles. Leigh lives in Melbourne, Australia and is also an artist, a sculptor, and indeed a great traveller himself.

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Mr Chicken is published by Allen and Unwin, Australia and is available in the UK. Click the book image to buy.

Books Go Walkabout have planned a tour of schools and organisations in the UK for Leigh this autumn, October 2018. He is a great hit with the schools and children and instantly gets children interested in Mr Chicken and other characters, looking at; how to draw a character, how to add the text and best of all how to make the book fun.

We recommend Mr Chicken Lands on London for ages 4-9 and of course parents too.

Sue Martin

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Mr Badger and the Magic Mirror by Leigh Hobbs

Mr Badger and the Magic Mirror

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Mr Badger is a portly badger who gets into scrapes and adventures in Boubles Grand Hotel, where he works very hard.

 Mr Badger and the Magic Mirror, is the fourth in the Mr Badger series from Australian Children’s Laureate, Leigh Hobbs.

One day a mirror is moved from the room of Sir Cecil Smothers-Carruthers to a place above the stairs.

But something is not quite right, Mr Badger inspects the mirror, and ends up falling straight through it, a magic mirror! The adventure has started and Mr Badger finds much more than he had bargained for!

A brilliant books with characters emerging from every page, illustrated with line drawings and bringing the book and Mr Badger to life.

Really good for children from 6 – 8 years,Mr Badger and for sharing with adults, who may just end up reading the book to themselves!

Leigh visits the UK regularly and we are pleased to work with Leigh for any events in the UK.

Sue Martin

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The Big Book of Mr Badger by Leigh Hobbs

Mr Badger

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Mr Badger is always on hand to cope with many surprises at the Boubles Grand Hotel.

My favourite story is Mr Badger and the Missing Ape. Algernon is usually kept stuffed in a glass case in the lobby. But Lady Celia’s granddaughter is not happy with this gorilla and wants it sent away. As she usually gets just whatever she wants the alarming disappearance one morning gives Mr Badger quite a task, but solve it, he does.

There are four stories in the one book, which is full of brilliant sketches and the characters really come to life.

Mr Badger is written by Leigh Hobbs, who has an amazing talent for writing and for illustrating too. He has a great website for a whole range of his books.

This year he has been appointed as the Australian Children’s Laureate and there are whole host of great activities for children all over the world as well as Australia.

Mr Badger is published by Allen and Unwin, Australia and can be purchased here in the UK.

A great book and we recommend for children 7+, especially for those who still get a lot from the images through each chapter.

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