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Month: February 2014

The Dragonkeeper Trilogy

Dragonkeeper book coverDragonkeeper by Carole Wilkinson is published by black dog books, an imprint of Walker Books Australia

Dragonkeeper is the first book in The Dragonkeeper Trilogy

The stories are set in Ancient China and as the three books develop over time, the dragonkeepers are set challenges to ensure that the dragons are safe and free from harm.

In a country which has dragons at the heart of its culture there are all sorts of dangers and perils in which the dragons find themselves. They need a dragon keeper, but dragon keepers are born and have special characteristics. To be a true dragonkeeper is a destiny for only a few.

The Dragonkeeper is set in Ancient China during the Han Dynasty.

A slave girl, Ping, saves the life of an ageing dragon and escapes her brutal master. Pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the dragon make an epic journey across China carrying a mysterious stone that must be protected.

It is the story of a young slave girl who believes she is not worthy of a name but finds within herself the strength and courage to make this perilous journey — and do what must be done.

As a story of adventure and courage, this book has it all!
For all those setting out on an adventure in life, from childhood to adulthood, this gives some real insights into challenges, friendships and journeys.

At Books Go Walkabout we are pleased to be bringing this book to the year 5 students at Kellett School in Hong Kong, as part of their studies and literacy programme. We are even more delighted to be bringing Carole Wilkinson direct into their school by live video links to have a conversation and to talk with the children.
We’ll keep you posted and this is just the start of our adventure in Hong Kong.

Sue Martin
Books Go Walkabout

The Strongest Boy in the World by Jessica Souhami

Image 3Kaito is stronger that all the other boys in his village. Because no-one can beat him at wrestling, he sets off to the city to compete in the world famous Sumo wrestling tournament. But on his way he meets a girl called Hana, who is even stronger. Hana offers to train Kaito – with amazing results.

A great story, which challenges stereo typing and has some excellent illustrations which capture the actions of the words.

It’s based on a famous Japanese tale from the 13th Century.

Jessica Souhami grew up in East London and her parents were descended from Russian Jewish immigrants, one of her characters in The Little, Little House includes a ‘wise woman’ which is based on her great, great aunt..She is also a great puppeteer and made shadow puppets with her company, Mme Souhami and Co, telling stories from centuries long gone.

The Strongest Boy is a great book to buy and is available on line and published by Frances Lincoln.

Dolphin Booksellers – the best in children’s books always on line

Counting Sheep by Kathryn Cave

Image 2A bedtime adventure!! by Kathyrn Cave.

When Tom can’t sleep, he tries counting sheep. But that’s just the start of his adventures, as he goes on to count pirates and pythons, goats and ghosts.

The illustrations by Chris Riddell and packed with figures and detail, and some of the pictures are pretty scary for a bedtime story. So this is for the brave and those who need more than just a few sheep, endless hillsides and clouds to get them to sleep.

Published by Frances Lincoln this is a great buy for the half term hols.

Dolphin Booksellers – the best in children’s books always on line.

It’s Not Fairy

Image 1You know the favourite children’s saying, “It’s not fair!”

Well Ros Asquith has changed it into a It’s Not Fairy. She flaps around all night, she’s a fairy on a mission and you don’t want to mess with this fairy.

A picture book for all the family and across the world, there are children everywhere declaring how unfair things are.But the fairy can get tired of complaints.


‘I’m sick of your squawking,

Now give me a break.

Or I’ll bake you all

In a Fairy cake.”

Published by Frances Lincoln this is a good book to buy for the half term hols. Buy through Dolphin Booksellers to get the best price from Amazon.

Dolphin Booksellers – the best in children’s books always on line

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