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Month: June 2013

Good Causes – Vote for Seven Stories

Image 1Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books has reached the finals of the National Lottery Award.

This is a fantastic centre with a wealth of exhibitions and information on children’s books in the UK.

It deserves your vote!!

“Children’s books are an essential part of our childhood, national heritage and culture. Everything we do at Seven Stories is aimed at inspiring children and adults to be curious, imaginative and creative. We strive to ensure people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can take part and enjoy a lifetime of reading for pleasure. It is a tremendous honour to be nominated for a National Lottery Award and we hope we can harness the energy and support of everyone young and old to vote for us and make us a winner.” Kate Edwards, Chief Executive

The Awards are an annual search to find the UK’s favourite Lottery–funded projects, and they aim to recognise the difference that those projects have made to people, places and communities all across the UK.

With the mission to save, share and celebrate our rich heritage of children’s books to inspire a love of reading across generations, Seven Stories is competing against six other projects for the title of Best Education Project. The winner will accept the award on BBCTV and receive a £2,000 cash prize. Voting has opened and closes at midnight on 24 July.

Vote at National Lottery Good Causes or at Seven Stories.

Sue Martin – Dolphin Booksellers – the best in children’s books always on line

Max the Champion

maxMax is a small boy mad about sport, and every day Max imagines that he is the most successful sports person,taking parts in all sorts of exciting sports.

In his world, he dives into an Olympic swimming pool, he takes the lead in the bob sleigh and he scores a winning goal in an amazing football team.

His friends are there in his dreams too, and in the illustrations, which speak as much as the words, you can find many aspects of disability and inclusion. Look carefully and you will find a hearing aid and an oxygen tube, and more…

What a wealth of opportunity for all children and a book that will go down really well in the classroom as teachers can use both as a good story book and also as a real resource for inclusion and disabilities as part of everyday life.

Max the Champion, written by Sean Stockdale and Alexandra Strick and illustrated by Ros Asquith and published by Frances Lincoln. As publishers, they are amazing at delivering books that are both great reads and meet the needs of our diverse and rich culture.

You can buy this book through Dolphin Booksellers today.

Sue Martin

Dolphin Booksellers – the best in children’s books – always on line.

Books go Walkabout – e-Print Publisher

BGW logoJSBooks Go Walkabout has just started on a new journey, into e-publishing. The project is now able to publish books for authors and creative writers around the globe.

Books go Walkabout is the e-publishing arm of SmithMartin LLP, the parent practice of Dolphinbooksellers.

An exciting new adventure and we are pleased to start our journey with the first book in series called Writing about Africa. Short stories about Africa, fiction, travel, interest and lots more to come.

The first story, The Goat That Vanished  is by Ifeoma Onyefulu.  A story of a goat, some elders and a wedding gift that went wrong… a story of culture, humour and family life.

Ifeoma Onyefulu - a story about a goat

The Goat That Vanished

Ifeoma writes for children and uses her captivating photos of African life as she travels across the continent.

Buy from the Amazon Kindle Store for less than the price of a cup of coffee here.

Our publications are set to grow, in conjunction with the Worldreader programme, who provide 300 stories on a Kindle free to individual children throughout Africa. Great readers!

Our publications are designed to feed into social projects supporting children and literacy in Africa, but their interest is world wide. already the story is available across the globe, in 9 different countries.

A real success for Books Go Walkabout…join us on the journey.

Books Go Walkabout – Children and authors using technology across the globe

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