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Month: November 2016

The Dragon’s Hoard by Lari Don and Cate James

The Dragon's Hoard

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Dragons are looming large in our blogs this month!

The Dragon’s Hoard has eleven amazing stories from Viking Sagas, and it’s packed with warriors, battles, Berserkers, monsters and zombies. A really good book for story time as the nights get longer and darker in the northern hemisphere.

Lari Don is the author and Cate James is the illustrator in this recently published book from Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. As a team the production of this book is brilliant,  it brings mythical and historical characters to life through the excellent  stories and wonderful illustrations.

It can be used as a good resource for Key Stage 2 National Curriculum work on the Vikings. It is a very creative and inspiring read on the Viking period of history from long ago. It is a good book to have in the library and also at home as the short stories are easy to share together and will bring some magic to stories around the fire or at bedtime.

Lari Don was born in Chile and has lived in Scotland for a long while, a keen interest in Scottish Landscapes and myths and fables. She has written many books including the award winning YA novel Mind Blind.

Cate James lives in Sydney and has many successful books including the Lollipop and Grandpa series. She also is a volunteer visiting artist at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Dragon's Hoard

And as for the dragon’s tales… maybe we can find some more to add to this months collection of dragons good and bad, friendly and fierce.

Sue Martin



Dare to Care: Pet Dragon

Dare to Care: Pet Dragon cover image

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If you too have ever wanted to have a pet dragon, then this is the book for you!

A spectacular and fun spoof pet-care guide to dragons with everything you would ever need; taking your dragon to the vets, how to groom your dragon, teaching it to fly.

Written by Sally Symes and illustrated by M.P Robertson, published by Frances Lincoln it is now available in paper back at £6.99 or for a gift in hardback at £11.99.

There are pages of fun facts, such as  what to give your dragon to eat and what is not so good, brussel sprouts for instance are a complete No!

The Dragon Snatcher cover image

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When it comes to grooming the illustrations are really good and include a tiler fixing the scales, a chimney sweep for the fire and smoke places and much more.

Great team work on this book and makes an excellent book for children aged from 5 and above. It’s part of a series about dragons and includes  The Egg and the Dragon Snatcher.

Sue Martin


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