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Month: August 2015

The School of Art by Teal Triggs and illustrated by Daniel Frost

Image 4This large and impressive looking book is full of surprises and I have spent simply ages finding out so many different aspects about art and being an artist.

It starts with the introduction to five professors and their talents, then goes to the 40 lessons to explore new and different ways to make your own creative work.

There are loads of activities to look at flat shapes and three dimensional, patterns and colours…

There is a section, for instance on repetition and rhythm in art, making patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. I loved the section on experimentation and being creative.

Written by Teal Triggs illustrated by Daniel Frost, published by Wide Eyed Editions

This book is well worth the money, it isn’t expensive at £14.99 and would make an excellent present, be a great book in school, for the art room or the library and in the home bookshelf.

But don’t be surprised if it spends more time on the coffee table than on the shelves!

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Take a Shape

Image 3New series by Britta Teckentrup, published by Words and Pictures, part of the Quarto Group.

Four beautiful books about shapes, circle, line, square and triangle. The books are well laid out for young children and the pictures are engaging and give some good text to support the pictures.

They will support young children in developing language and context about shapes and will be a valuable addition to the classroom and also in the home.

Britta lives in Berlin and is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has published over 60 children’s books in 20 countries. A real achievement and her work can be seen on her website.


The Fire Children

Image 2A West African Folk Tale which has been retold by Eric Maddern and illustrated by Frane Lessac.

An intriguing West African creation myth looking at the question of why some people are black and some are white, and others different shades?

The ‘ first spirit people’ who found that they were lonely decided to solve their loneliness by filling the earth with children of all colours under the sun.

‘ Now the spirit people breathed life into the fire children. One by one they awoke, yawned, stretched and opened their eyes, just like children waking up in the morning. Then they stood up and went off to play.’

Frances Lincoln have published another good title which will compliment school libraries and your collection at home too.

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