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Month: February 2010

Primary School Library Charter

lbThe  School Library Association have launched a Primary School Library Charter on Monday 15 th February. The charter will help primary head teachers and governors set up and run a school library or increase the contribution that their current library makes to the school’s effectiveness and the pupils’ well being and learning.

At Dolphin Booksellers and at SmithMartin Partnership we are so pleased that the value of libraries in primary schools is really celebrated. A well resourced library with an area and space which is attractive for children to sit and read or to access information is so important. Library spaces we have created have been places that children just love to be in.

Many schools, for many children, are the only place that they have access to a wide range of books. It becomes the very start of their own reading materials and if we are lucky it can be the catalyst for finding the way to local libraries.

Sir Tim Brighouse, associate professor at the Institute of Education , University of London and former Schools Commissioner for London, welcomed the charter, saying: ‘The school library is one of the key indicators of whether a school environment is as best fitted as it can be for learning. If the library is a desert, you start to worry.

Lucy Bakewell, librarian at Hill West Primary School in Sutton Coldfield and the first primary winner of the SLA’s School Librarian of the Year award (2009), believes that a primary school library plays a unique role in ‘grabbing children when they are building their vocabulary and growing their imaginations to introduce them to reading habits and information handling skills which will stand them in good stead later’. She adds: ‘Primary school librarians are also well placed to reach parents and help to create a reading ethos in families as well as in schools.’

Watch this space for more information, we will be interested to find out the response from Gordon Brown to a letter from international colleagues.

Dolphin Booksellers for up to date information and a chance to buy books on line.


if Hotbook was launched at the Free Word Centre, Farringdon Road, London on 2nd February 2010. It was really exciting to discover this new style of accessing texts.

The message below will be beamed from the future to secondary students in the UK via the HOTBOOK, a ground breaking and free digital resource created by if:book, the think and do tank.

‘The Great Wipe hath irrayzed much of world culcha, butta few bits of licheracha haveth bn found ­ pleez help mi choose most bestest 2 exxibit’
from the curator of a history of the book 2/2/3010

The HOTBOOK aims to ignite a passion for literature, by introducing and exploring fragments of great works.These are presented in ways that will excite the audience of young people, who also use electronic games and social networking as well as reading.

“Schools have good I.T. equipment and technical support, but English teachers need inspiring resources to help them stretch their digital imaginations and make creative use of the amazing potential of new media for literature,” said Chris Meade, Director of if:book, a charitable company which also offers training to teacher

‘These are a fantastically creative set of multi modal resources with which to deliver the rich experience of both language and literature at the heart of the revised curriculum at KS3’.

if1Ellie Clarke, Head of English at Queensbridge School , one of the pilot schools, in the picture with two of the pupils and the box!

The teachers guide, is available from the website at Future of the Book.

Funding and support is given from Esmee Fairburn Trust and the Arts Council, along with Booktrust.

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