is an online store with a mission to make life easy to support readers and independent bookstores. Buying books is a real joy and if you are like me and many others, keeping our unique book shops open is essential. Do you remember your favourite bookshop…being greeted as you walk in, with shelves and tables stacked with books and a wonderful aroma of new books filling the air. is the next best thing, in fact there are many other benefits too, like you don’t have to move away from your own sofa, or your own coffee and cake. You can browse your local or favourite book store on the links provides so that your own bookshop can receive the profit from the book sale.

What is unique about is exactly that; your bookstore can receive the profit, they have created book lists so you can browse their recommendations and lists online.

BooksGoWalkabout has an online book store  and we have joined so our schools and readers can access our lists of recommended books and buy direct. In just a few days the books will arrive at your door.

Some of the lists are about projects such as Authors Zoom Across the World. These reflect our projects in the Far East. But they are good books to read in any country and now you can!

You can try books from our authors on Dragons!

Or books we recommend on Mindfulness

Definitely worth a visit to BooksGoWalkabout Try a purchase too, our recommendations are all good books!! Of course!

Sue Martin