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Month: November 2014

iBbY 21st Annual Conference Belonging is…

IbbY uk – 21st Annual IBBY UK/NCRCL

MA Conference, University of Roehampton, Saturday 8th November 2014

‘Belonging is…an exploration of the right to be included and the barriers that must be overcome’

Something that is deep inside us all is the need to belong, to belong to our family, to belong to a group of friends, to belong to the places that we are part of in our work and free time.

A good theme for the conference and met with enthusiasm by all present.

The topics ranged from inclusivity and diversity, against the need for publishers commercial concerns,.

It was really interesting to hear about The International Conference held in Mexico this year. Pam Dix, the chair of iBbY UK, and other members who attended the Congres International de IBBY gave a wonderful account of the global dimensions and international development in children’s books and the need to pursue an agenda of translation.

Image 3 Alexandra Strick, from Inclusive Minds encouraged others to join their collective and share ways of enabling inclusivity and the creation of characters with needs being just part of the story rather than being a stereotype of special needs.

Julia Hope, who has carried out a great deal of research on refugees in the primary classroom, gave a brilliant account and gave examples of children’s books which are fundamental to the story and narrative of refugees. These included; The Silver Sword by Ian Serrailer, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr and Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo.

Always a good day with time for reflection and thoughts about the role and immense importance of children’s literature.

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Wide Eyed Editions

Wide Eyed Editions is a new imprint of Quarto Publishing Group UK.

Image 3

This is a very recent addition to the publishing group’s portfolio and includes some amazing publications, which will be available in March 2015. The site is excellent to look through and the Wide Eyed Blog has some of the best images ever.

Definitely one to include in your favourites or Pinterest, and to follow on Twitter.

Image 5

Wide Eyed are creators of non-fiction for children and families and believe that books should encourage curiosity about the world, inspiring readers to set out on their own journey of discovery.

The illustrators and authors will bring a new sense of wonder to classic themes in simple, quality formats that look and feel like beautiful objects.



The first tranche of books includes the images below and if you click through you can access about 10 pages of the books from the Wide Eyed website.

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