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Month: March 2017

Adelaide’s Secret World by Elise Hurst

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A very special book, a tale of love, loneliness, longing and dreaming. Adelaide’s Secret World is inspirational. It is a beautifully illustrated book about how the world changes around you and how sometimes it’s hard to change yourself.

Each page has a wonderful illustration of a world beyond Adelaide’s little shop, and into finding herself back in the city. The hustle and bustle which she was used to may have gone but there is still life out there.

From her favourite place on the roof of the little old shop with the red curtains she watches the sun rise and fall, she tries to write stories, but there is always something missing.

One day she finds a book left near a puddle, and in the rain and growing storm she finds its owner and a surprising companion, well surprising for a rabbit!

Adelaide’s Secret World has been short listed for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards in Australia. Published by Allen and Unwin on 9th March 2017, it would be a lovely book to share across the world, the illustrations are so evocative that the words could be made up in any language.

Elise Hurst is an illustrator and author of childrens’ books as well as a traditional artist. She lives in Melbourne, Australia and has illustrated over 50 books.

Allen and Unwin are publishers based in Australia with some brilliant titles and an ethos and committment to their authors and readers, which is inspirational.

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‘Highly recommended book’

Sue Martin

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Revolutions – Moments in History, from The British Library

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A brand new series of books from The British Library, which bring collections of materials to children. Moments in History is the first book in the series and is newly published on 9th March 2017.

It is a brilliant book to pick up and read from cover to cover or  to just delve into and have an adventure of learning. I spent ages on The Battle of Little Bighorn and became totally engrossed! The nuggets of information and beautiful images make it a very  compelling read as well as a starting point for further exploration and research. It will be a ‘must have’ book for teachers to embark on a history project.

Moments in History spans the dawn of civilisation to the Second World War,and is aimed at children from 8-11 years who are interested in the past, and want to find out more about people who made history – artists and architect, soldiers and explorers, politicians and religious leaders.

The author is Clare Hibbet who has written and edited over 200 books. She specialises in natural history, art and culture and is published with DK, QED Heinemann and others.

The British Library is one of the worlds greatest research libraries. It publishes a large number of books and publications and  children’s  books are a recent addition to the list of publications.

Their  collections of materials  is huge, 150 million items with 10 million people accessing online material each year.

Gathering evidence for research will be enhanced enormously by this book and future books in the series; using secondary evidence sources such as  images and materials from The British Library will help young learners become historians of the future.

Revolutions, A Moment in History, very much enjoyed and recommended.

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