The National Literacy Trust will have a fringe presentation at the political party conferences this autumn.

After a summer of cuts it’s time to ensure that literacy stays firmly on the agenda as a priority for the coalition and all parties.

From work at the local level, with children and families both at school and in communities, reading is not just the way to success but fundamentally has the power to change lives. Children can find another world beyond their own, or read about children with the same issues as themselves. Finding out can be the biggest adventure.

Now that digital access to reading and information is creating a new dimension, what better way to promote reading. True especially for boys, although I think just the same can be said for girls!!

Try the Kindle through Dolphin Booksellers and get started reading, not only is it good value but young people love it!

csAt Dolphin Booksellers our project, called City Stories brings long term benefit to children and families, more than just a one off event but enabling a sustainable way for young people and organisations to continue the project for themselves.

For more information on the party conferences link to literacy follow the National Literacy Trust Home page.

If you would like to talk about a City Stories Event please contact Dolphin Booksellers . Always on line and ready to help.

Sue Martin

Dolphin Booksellers