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Month: April 2017

Taking Flight by Adam Hancher

Taking Flight cover image and purchase link

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Take Flight is the courageous and true story of the Wright brothers, the pioneers of flight!

Two brothers of humble origins who never gave up their childhood dream of being able to fly. In Dayton, Ohio in 1878, two boys stood in their backyard, mesmerised by their new toy; a helicopter that can hover in the air.   “One day, I’m going to fly like that,” they agreed.

Written by Adam Hancher, an illustrator from London, Taking Flight tells in detail in words and images how two people followed their dream and managed to conquer problems and create a new way of travel. The book is a real insight into discovery, and although many years ago, this new experience is now part of so many peoples lives.

It is the first title in a new biographical series on inspirational figures called Dare to Dream, published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Publishers. The series will be dedicated to inspirational figures throughout history who can teach children that with courage and determination you can make dreams a reality.

We thoroughly recommend this book for children, especially for ages 6-9 years.

Sue Martin

Tiny Owl

The Elephants Umbrella cover image and web link

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Tiny Owl is an independent publishing company committed to producing beautiful, original books for children.

They were established in 2015, and believe in global children’s books and about building bridges across our world. Two  of their latest books are  The Elephant’s Umbrella and Alive Again, are both full of vibrant illustrations and intriguing text.

The Elephant’s Umbrella is a tale of generosity, and full of opportunities for conversation and reasons to smile. The elephant has an umbrella and his friends join him where it is cosy and dry. One day the umbrella blows away and the other jungle animals try to use it themselves, but don’t feel like sharing!

” If I become yours, where will you take me when it rains?” asks the umbrella to the bear. But the bear only wants the umbrella to help him get the honey!

Laleh Jaffari is the author, born in Iran she has written over 25 children’s bookss and is also a TV director.

Ali Khodal has illustrated over 80 books and won national awards in his home country of Iran.

Alive Again - cover image and web link

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Alive Again explores what it means to be alive and how words can express the meaning of ‘alive’, but yet they don’t hold the quality of being alive only. This book has lots of hidden depths and the illustrations will help teacher, parents and children to think and puzzle and wonder.

Ahmadreza Ahmadi is the author and is an Iranan poet and children’s story writer. In 2010 he was shortlisted for the Hans Christian Anderson Award. Nahid Kazemi is the illustrator.

Books Go Walkabout enjoys Tiny Owl books and shares values in vision of creating bridges through children’s books across the world.

Sue Martin



Bologna Children’s Bookfair 2017


First impressions on arriving at Bologna Children’s Bookfair in April are of a truly global event.

If this is the world of children’s books then there is a huge potential for working together, for creativity, sharing stories, making connections, discovering new places, new authors and new illustrators.

Much of the fair is given to the mechanics of creating books, the publishers, the printers, the translators, the agents, the IT and digital media, the new way of creating apps and stories and much more.

Bursting out of this were  displays of creative illustrators, authors, story tellers, and these show just a tiny glimpse of the work and inspiration that enable stories, ideas, art and technology to be shared across the world.

After looking at the map and guide for the Bookfair we became completely immersed in the Illustrators’ Wall, which became a focal point for our team. It was full of cards, illustrations, concepts; and behind the wall were more displays and galleries.

It became a meeting point for the team as we wandered through the halls and were diverted through stands, work, coffee points and people. It became a resting place too, just to take a glance at the other Bookfair people, wandering, gazing and finding their way.

Books Go Walkabout is rather like the glue between the book spine and the pages. We hold stories together and send them out across the world.

We didn’t need a stand to meet people, to share thoughts or ideas and to find ways of working together. Our style of working is to be adaptive and free from the ‘inside of the box’ approach. And the people we met seemed to share that vision and keen to be involved.

Some of the highlights for us are below, although there were many more thoughts and contacts, which will support our work in the next year.

Bridging Worlds Reaching Out to people through books and stories - image

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IbBy – International Board on Books for Young People

‘The International Board on Books for Young People is a unique international alliance of everyone interested in children’s literature: academics, librarians, writers, illustrators, publishers, teachers, literacy workers, booksellers, parents and others.

IbBy UK is just one of IBBY’s 70+ national sections in countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe‘.

See more of IbBy UK here


The Hong Kong Pavilion image

A world of book production and creativity too…

The Hong Kong Pavilion at Bologna

The Hong Kong Publishers Association is one way to explore books in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Printers Association had a wonderful display of books published within the HK Printers eco-system. A feast to the eye…


Discover more here…

Lithuanian Publishing Company –  tikra knyga

• Lithuanian authors design the books – the original  text and illustrations.
• Coloring, mandalas, study books that are not only fun, but help develop the reader.
• Interesting hero adventure series of books telling, “growing” with the child.
• Positive, educational books that help a child to get to know the world around, conveying values.

Discover more of the work here


Books in Catalonia and the Balearics

”Catalonia and the Balearic Islands were exhibiting in Bologna with the theme Sharing a Future: Books in Catalan, in a clear reference to the importance of children and young people for the future of literature, with a programme that includes over forty activities with more than sixty participants for the fair and around the city”.

Read more here


Allen & Unwin Australia logotype image

Discover more here…

Allen and Unwin, Australia

‘Allen & Unwin is Australia’s leading independent publisher and has been voted “Publisher of the Year” thirteen times including the inaugural award in 1992 and eleven times since 2000.

They publish around 250 new titles each year including literary and commercial fiction, a broad range of general non fiction, academic and professional titles and books for children and young adults. Their imprints include Allen & Unwin, Arena, Crows Nest, House of Books, Inspired Living (MBS), Murdoch Books and Pier 9′. Read more about this dynamic publisher here


Leigh Hobbs speaking...image

Leigh in session at Bologna

Australian Children’s Laureate Leigh Hobbs

Leigh Hobbs grew up in the Australian country town of Bairnsdale.

From childhood he had two burning ambitions, to be an artist and to go to England…’ He achieved them.

Read more about Leigh and see his illustrations here


See more here…

Books Illustrated, Australia

‘…they have a unique view of the picture book industry, seen from many angles – librarian, bookseller, gallery director, writer and illustrator.
Books Illustrated is a centre celebrating Australian children’s literature, in particular picture books and their creators. It has an interesting history that has culminated in a program of exhibitions promoting the work of Australian book illustrators throughout Australia and in international venues’.  Discover them on-line here


Tiny Owl publishers - logotype image

Global children’s literature on-line…

Tiny Owl – publishers and translators of stories from Iran

Tiny Owl is an independent publishing company committed to producing beautiful, original books for children.

Established in 2015, our energy and passion stems from our belief that stories act as bridges – providing pathways to new experiences whilst connecting us to here and there. Our stories are visually rich and conceptually meaningful. They give children unique perspectives on universal themes such as love, friendship and freedom and a greater awareness of the diverse and colourful world we live in’.

See more of this beautiful Tiny Owl output here


Quarto logo - image and web link

Quarto – the world of books

Quarto – Home of Quarto Kids

‘Ever since QED’s inception in 2003, each book has been specifically designed to make learning exciting, stimulating and fun for children. Our diverse range of titles covers everything from entertaining, innovative facts for the classroom to beautifully illustrated fiction that kids will want to take home. Get inspired and get learning – the fun starts here!’


Unesco logotype - image

Unesco – education, science, culture and communication

Unesco – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

… is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication. It strengthens the ties between nations and societies, and mobilises the wider public…

Discover the Unesco Education for the 21st Century theme here

Books Go Walkabout team have written more about the event in Bologna, Books and Bigliette at Conversations East. Another insight and a focus on the art and illustration of good books.

Bologna Children’s Bookfair 2017, was a great event for Books Go Walkabout and a wonderful occasion which demonstrates the importance of children’s books, which is not diminishing, and is more than a commercial value.

There is real benefit for children and our shared world in the power of children’s stories and ideas across the world.

Sue Martin

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