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Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2019

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2019

An outstanding Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2019.

The illustrator’s wall and contributions by new and amazingly talented illustrators from all over the world was an absolute highlight.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair – a small section of the  illustrators wall…

In fact after two days it became increasingly hypnotic with so many beautiful images collected together on the entrance walls.

Sometimes confusing too that cards, postcards, posters and information were scattered across the floor, just waiting to be picked up and gathered into people’s canvas bags.

Have certainly spotted some wonderful talent and a joy for years ahead of book reviews.

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is immensely large and awe-inspiring. My plans of looking carefully at the guide went out of the window as we walked around stand after stand, finding ones which appealed to the Books Go Walkabout team. We also spent time with colleagues we had planned to visit.

The Sea, illustrated by Jill Calder, on display at the event…

Highlights for BGW were the books for Ireland and also Vietnam, two more places in the vast world to engage with and bring authors and children together from all over the world.

And so we returned late at night via the last flight that day on Ryanair, ready and geared up to bring books, stories and illustrations to children across the planet.

Well done to Bologna Children’s Book Fair!

Sue Martin

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Bologna Children’s Bookfair 2015

Image 4The best venue for those interested in Children’s Books is Bologna Children’s Bookfair, March 30th – April 2nd 2015.

The country focus this year at Bologna is Croatia and there are a wealth of countries from all over the globe with fascinating workshops and stands.

Books Go Walkabout is especially interested in the Digital Café,

Meeting with Dust or Magic

Speakers: Warren Buckleitner, Chris Meade, Louise Carleton-Gertz and Kristin Heitmann
Organized by: Children’s Tech Review

An impromptu coffee with Warren Buckleitner (Children’s Tech Review), to discuss the state of children’s tech.

Image 2Last year Walker Books, Australia, won the Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher of the Year – Oceania Region.

A great achievement and we are pleased to be working closely with Walker Books Australia and their authors.

Image 5

Stay on line, if you can’t make it to Bologna and listen to some amazing stories.

This blog will keep you in touch, or join us on Twitter @booksgowalk

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Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

ADThe season of Book Fairs has arrived! Last week Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where record numbers were expected. This week we have Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

What an incredible place to visit.

On the edge of the Arabian Gulf and peninsula Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan city, with a modern outlook and a long cultural history. There are beaches, souks, parks, museums and galleries.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is in its 22nd year and the country for focus this year is the UK.

There’s much happening and a strong emphasis on children’s literacy and education. From the Tales of Arabia to modern stories, from ezone to illustrators corner we are looking forward to keeping in touch through the blog.

ad mosque

At the centre of several major places in the world and a travel hub for transworld flights the Book Fair is an easy place to get to. Abu Dhabi International Book Fair – a must for keen book enthusiasts and travellers.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sue Martin

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