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A Demon’s  Touch By Rehan Khan

Third Book in the series  of The Chronicles of Will Ryde and Awa Al-Jameel

An adventure that bridges mythical and historical worlds…

In this thrilling conclusion to the trilogy, all roads lead to Istanbul – and all who traverse those roads will be plagued by a demon’s touch… Set In the 16th Century, an English boy and Songhai girl work together on adventures that bridge the mythical and historical.

This is a brilliant book bringing adventure and history together in this intriguing part of the world

Istanbul 1593. Will Ryde and Awa Al- Jameel are members of the Ruzgär Unit, an elite team of solders and specialists around the world. They act on behalf of the supposedly mighty Ottoman Emperor, Sultan Murad III.

The Ruzgär unit inadvertently released an ancient demon during the events of the previous book, A King’s Armour. The demon now lurks within the bowels of the city coinciding with Sultan Murad III bringing friend and foe to Istanbul, to convene the world’s grandest trade fair.

How do Will and Awa even start to find their way through a city where streets have eyes and walls have ears? Can a demon so powerful emerge and make life impossible?

A stunning end to the Chronicles adventures and encompasses all aspects of adventure and character building in a moral vacuum.

Rehan Khan was born in London. An avid observer of history , he has always been intrigued by how ideas and information move from one civilisation to the next. A visiting professor at an international business school, Rehan Khan is the author of a Tudor Turk and A King’s Armour, and lives with his family in Dubai.

Hope Road Publishing promote new literary voices from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, bringing neglected voices from the margins to centre stage, with books for adults and young adults.

A great read for children aged 9-14 years or so…

Sue Martin – Children’s Literacy Specialist

How to Design a Novel – Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan, author of Carnegie nominated ‘ Tudor Turk’ will be running a live 2 day course on; How to write and design a novel, on 12-13th December 2020. (...this is an entrance fee event, see link below…Ed.)

You can register for this event herehttps://courses.rehankhan.com/Pjr25

We know there are many of our blog readers who would love to write a book themselves. Maybe you are one of those? Do you have a story inside you to tell? Do you love reading and would like to to write a book? This course may be just right for you.

Rehan is the author of A Tudor Turk and A King’s Armour, an historic fiction series with Hope Road Publishers. They are great books and bring a totally new dimension to that period in history.

This is a unique opportunity and the focus on designing the novel will enable a way into writing. Finding the backdrop of the story, providing the setting, thinking about the characters, planning and enabling some hooks for the story to unfold.

In the UK as we head into lockdown 2, maybe this will give you some inspiration and motivation to find a way to write that book.

But in any case, try reading A Tudor Turk and A King’s Armour over lock-down. You will find yourself in another world, full of daring adventure.

Sue Martin

A Tudor Turk

Chronicles of Will Ryde...cover image and web link

Buy this book, with free delivery…

Book 1 in The Chronicles of Will Ryde and Awa Maryam Al-Jameel, A Tudor Turk, written by Rehan Khan, is set in Istanbul in 1591 and is a daring mission by Will and Awa. 

Along with a band of warriors, they follow their quest to retrieve the staff of Moses which has been stolen from the mighty Sultan Murad the Third. The very same staff that was used by Moses to part the Red Sea.

An elite band of warriors is assembled, including Awa, the daughter of a noble family from West Africa and Will who was kidnapped from a London slum at the age of five. For Will being released as a slave meant that he was willing to travel anywhere.

The journey means that Awa and Will travel from Istanbul to Venice and then to London and the court of Elizabeth  the First herself.

This is a stunning tale in Tudor times and being set in Istanbul is really exciting  with a very different perspective than many books set around this time.

Buy this great book here

Author Rehan Khan is an avid historian, based in Dubai, he is intrigued by just how ideas travel through place and time and how legends and chronicles can unite cultures rather than shattering them.

Publishers are HopeRoad Publishing, who promote inclusive literature with a focus on Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and have a really interesting portfolio of books for young adults. A Tudor Turk is published on 21st February 2019.

A story that will keep you gripped into the book and take you on a journey across continents in the Tudor times, much to learn and much to enjoy. We have really enjoyed this book and recommend A Tudor Turk for young people from ages 11- 15 years.

Sue Martin

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