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World Book Day 2015

March 5th 2015

Image 2The Biggest Book show on Earth…. is how World Book Day is described. With children all over the world dressing up and just getting down to reading, there are all sorts of things to do. Share a story competition, Dress Up and Donate, The Biggest Bookshop in Earth Online and a World Book Day, Lucky Dip… plus of course the £1 offer on loads of books.

BooksGoWalkabout is offering a free conversation with one of our authors from across the world. It can be to any school with internet connection that can skype out.

BGW logoJSCheck out the offer at World Book Day events

Have fun on World Book Day.

Sue Martin Books Go Walkabout-

World Book Day Thursday March 7th

Are you ready for the Biggest Show on Earth?

World Book Day in 2013 is going to be a big one! There’s loads going on, take some time in the day to be part of it.

At Dolphin Booksellers and our worldwide project Books Go Walkabout we will be there on-line with links and blogs about some of the events.

Schools we work with are gearing up for all sorts of fun, from dressing up as book characters to using the World Book Day website to access children’s authors like Mallory Blackman in video on how to start a story.

For starters and to get ready for a bonanza of books, reading, authors, stories and fun try clicking through to these World Book Day events.

Find an event near you, competitions, games and videos.




There are loads of resources too…try the Primary Resource Pack






Find how you can buy the books for £1. Have fun.

Dolphin Booksellers and Books Go Walkabout

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World Book Day 3rd March 2011


The celebration of books and reading worldwide. World Book Day is now marked in over 100 countries across the globe. In the UK and Ireland we will hold World Book Day on Thursday March 3rd. Schools and bookshops are already getting prepared, full of ideas for events with reading, books and stories.

wbdThe World Book Day website has loads of resources and activity suggestions, all free to download. If you register on the on-line portal you will receive information and updates. A great way to access ideas and support to ensure that you have some great activities happening at your centre.

nbtNational Book Tokens and participating booksellers including Dolphin Booksellers enable the £1 token which can be used to purchase one of the £1 books or against another book as available.

Dolphin Booksellers will be keeping you up to date with activities and events as they happen. Keep looking even after March 3rd as other countries go for April 23rd 2011.

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