This compelling and important history of the British Empire, told from the perspective of 20 people who lived through it, tells the story of one of the largest and most powerful empires in human history.

At one time, the British Empire ruled over almost a quarter of the world’s population. Men, women and children from all walks of life across the globe were affected in big and small ways. From the clothes they wore, the food they ate and the languages they spoke, to the work they did and the rights they held. This legacy and impact is still evident all over the world today.
This book shines a light on the human aspects of the ‘Empire where the sun never sets’, introducing readers to a host of figures, both powerful and modest, who lived through, challenged, and influenced the course of the British Empire.

 This book, published by Wide Eyed , part of Quarto group, tells the stories of 20 real figures whose perspectives have often been ignored, overlooked or sidelined. Told in a first-person narrative style, allowing readers to see through the eyes of these inspiring history-keepers.

Meet Queen Nanny,for example, the escaped slave who led a fight for freedom against the British in Jamaica. 
These engaging true stories of resistance, community, struggle and hope will spark conversations, and leave readers inspired. 

Written by Radhika Natarajan, Assistant Professor of History and Humanities at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and Chad Tayiana,a Kenyan digital humanities scholar and historian.

A magnificent book with an insight to the historic past of the ’empire’ , great for children in school and at home.

Sue Martin – Children’s Literacy Specialist