Raccoon finishes his book and is ready for his own adventure—he wants thrills, excitement, and to cross the ocean! He borrows everything he needs from his friends, who insist on coming along. They sail through rapids, collect sweet blackberries, chase away bees, and play soccer, until a little rain and thoughts of home bring their excursion to an end. That, thinks Raccoon, was the most thrilling magnificent adventure with friends I’ve ever had.

In this heart-warming follow-up to A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends, Waechter shows how life is better when you bring along your friends and take what the day brings.

Such a feel good factor about this book as Bear sets out on his adventure to travel around the world. With his friends he gest into all the action, but actually without ever going far from home. An adventure on your doorstep.

‘For a first world trip, that wasn’t bad, ‘ says Crow.

It was a proper adventure!’ adds Fox.

The rapids were a real thrill!’ says Racoon.’

Philip Waechter is the author and illustrator and gives a really good feel about the characters through their actions and in the illustrations. He lives as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Frankfurt am Main.

Gecko Press releases this beautiful book in July 2024, to join an excellent portfolio of books.

I am always delighted to receive books which are such good quality and so inspirational, perfect for reading and sharing together.

Sue Martin Children Literacy Specialist