Part of the Colour Fiction Series from Little Tiger Press…

Henry’s got a secret … a big one! And he doesn’t know what to do with it. Grandpa suggests he should keep it under his hat ­– and he’s got just the hat for the job. But when Henry puts it on he discovers that Grandpa has some secrets of his own!

A lyrical and heart-warming story celebrating the magical bond between a child and a grandparent, with full colour illustrations on every page.

Karl Newson is an inspiring author, as in the first words of the book...’ Henry Pepper didn’t ask for it. He didn’t wish it. He didn’t even dream it up. But there was a secret’…

Illustrator is Wazza Pink , interesting article from Vietcetera. Her images are captivating and create an atmosphere which does so much more than just fit with the text.

 Part of the Colour Fiction series from Little Tiger Press, an engaging series of short stories for new readers emerging into chapter books. The books are wonderful, they are beautifully bound with high quality paper and they fit into small hands. Each page has engaging illustrations from well known illustrators with clear and bold text.

I love this new series from Little Tiger Press, they make perfect books for young children at the first stages of independent reading at schools and at home.

Sue Martin – Children’s Literacy Specialist